I need Connect weight scale to Control Logix

I have a weight scale what i need comunicate with Ctrl Logix System.

I am using a Digi One IAP interface but i don´t to make what this device is communicate with PLC.

Somebody can me help for configurate the Digi One??

The weigt scale use ASCII Commands

Download the application note titled “Rockwell ControlLogix polling ASCII devices as PCCC slaves” at URL:

You need to create MSG blocks as-if you were polling a MicroLogix PLC with SLC500 typed read and writes. The DOIAP packs ASCII data into the integers of N-files.

You have 2 options:

  1. If the weight-scale just sends out weights, then the MSG block just reads and if the result is all zero values, there is no ASCII data. Otherwise it will be the ASCII message packed as words.
  2. If the weight-scale needs to be polled to trigger a read, then you need 2 MSG blocks. The first writes the poll string into the DOIAP (but it isn’t sent). The second causes the poll to be set and returns any response as ASCII packed in words.

But see the application note for more details.