idigi : error in then username entered, impossible to change


i just subscribed to IDigi Device Cloud. When i wanted to register the Digi Device i have in my desk, the IDigi platform asked me for the username and password of the device. I entered “admin” instead of “root” username and checked the “remember this setting” checkbox.

The Idigi indicated of course that the device is “disconnected” because of my error.

Now, I tried to remove and add again my device from the list of the devices, but the IDigi platform adds now the device whithout asking me its username and password, probably because i have checked the remember checkbox during my first trial.

I have looked for anyway to remove this memory and have not found any workaround to provide the correct username and password.

In its welcome mail, iDigi support is announcing that he is opened 24/7/365, but at the phone, they announce that the office is closed.

Please help !!!

Thanks a lot,



Here is the Digi Online Support Request link,
create one case, digi Technical folks will respond you soon.


In such cases, you need to check whether you can find the device is device discovery.
If yes, then try to open the web interface of the device and check the users and if possible change the username.
If it is not possible, restore the device to factory defaults using reset button as given in the user guide of ConnectPort X product.