remote manager

hi Guys:

I am trying to give this remote manager thing a drive through and thus far it is ANYTHING but intuitive.

  1. What is the default password field for? Obviously, myself, like any responsible sysadmin, dumps the default admin account after first logging into the unit the first time so that default account is gone.
  2. Older Digi’s have no default password other than “password”,
  3. How do I delete a device I have added?

So far I am at this stage.

For something I have to pay for…its been 36 hours and I can’t figure out how to connect anything to it. I’m not the smartest guy on the planet but I’m sure not the dumbest. As I have said, its anything but intuative.


Hi John,

please see below my answers:

  1. The default password is the password that you can find on the device label. Even if you changed the password with which you login to the router, the password to enter to add a device to RM is the original one on the label. This is for security reasons and you will need to enter it just once when you add the device.
  2. The older units that doesn’t have a unique password on the label, don’t need this field to be entered when added to RM.
  3. To remove a device, you just need to select it (in the main Devices list), click on the right top “Actions” button and select “Remove” from the drop down list.

If you have any issues with the above, please send us an email to for further help.


Digi Technical Support Team

Last question…
In the Digi under the Remote Management setup, there is a password field.
What is this password? Where is it setup in the my.devicecloud setup?