Instalation issue 10.40

I am installing Dyn C 10.40 on a Vista x64 Enterprise PC. 10.21 intsalled and was used correctly, and I am doing an upgrade.

I get an error on startup serial port/USB not found (which is OK as this computer has no rabbit attached to it - it is for writingthe software alone, the rabbit is connected on another computer in the network for doing debugging).

After entering the directory where the installation should go, I get a windows message that the program has stopped working, and do you wish to debug. It will not continue with the installation.

Does anyone have any similar issues.

This problem was resolved by installing a USB to Serial adapter.

It would however be nice if no error was generated, and 10.40 would allow installation on a PC with no serial ports (mapped or otherwise), as the PC in question was for code writing only, and any compiling occured to a *.bin file. As such there was no need for a COM port.

10.21 did not seem to generate an error, and allowed the installation on a motherboard / serup with no COM ports.