Install Printer Anywhere USB -2

Is anyone familiar with the DIGI AnyWhere USB devices?
How do I get a printer set up?
We have taken over a customer and suddenly a Zebra printer that is connected via USB no longer works.
In the USB Config Tool everything is there and I see that USB 1 is connected. But how do I get the printer connected? Is from now to just failed.
Printers –> new TCP Port (IP from the device) doesen’t work

first try to get this printer working by directly plugging it locally into your computer.
Such you have installed and setup all drivers required for it.
Next try to introduce the AnywhereUSB inbetween.
Is it the obsolete 2nd generation (G2) product AW-USB-2 ?

It is important to note that the AWUSB 2 is not a “print server”. The AWUSB 2 is a remote USB hub, designed to present attached USB devices (e.g. a printer) to the OS as if it was connected directly to that computer.

So, install this printer as if it was directly plugged into the computer with a USB cable.