Interface Library options for XBee Pro 900HP

We would like to use our XBee Pro 900HP in API Mode Without Escapes [1]

Am looking for library code in C or Python to support this - rather than going back to first principles.

I note that this combination does not appear to be supported in the Official ANSI C library? Are there some other examples (ideally C or Python) of interfacing to these?


No Digi does not offer an official C Lib file for our API interface. However, there are several that do exist that are quit well. Doing a simple Google Search on XBee Mesh API should provide you with what you are looking for.

I just released a new .NET library (sorry, no py or C). It’s open source if you feel like porting it :).

nuget package


I have tested it against the 900HP.

I would suggest looking at gethub, or Google code repository. As for an official, I would suggest looking at the SKD for the programmable modules. They are all in C. Just understand that Digi will not support it outside of their programmable module so you will be on your own.

Thanks for all the responses.

We have gone with a python-xbee library from github, but considering moving to a twisted python solution.

Am still keen to see an example of someone using say XModem to transfer files using two XBees.


That is as simple as connecting two XBee modules via Interface boards to two PC’s. Then using Hyper terminal, just like you would under a cabled connection. X-modem is one of the options to transfer files in Hyper terminal. Set it up just like you would normally and send your file. The only difference in this set up is that instead of the RS232 cross over cable or null modem cable being used to connect the two PC’s together, you are using a standard RS232 or USB cable to connect to an XBee module.

Sorry I should have clarified. I need to use say python-xbee and control both processes. Although as you say, it shouldn’t be hard. thanks!