Is my XBee 3 dead?


I am a student of engineering, I am working on Xbee 3, I plugged it to Sparkfun explorer and get back the power supply of my breadboard that was 3.3 V and got swapped. I actually want to interface it with a microcontroller like Arduino.

I didn’t notice it, when I switched on power supply and found no change after that I switched it off and polarity thus it could make correct flow of 3.3V to right pin along with GND.

While using Xbee as a controller I made XCTU on , at first it started grabbing Xbee which was powered in a wrong way and the 3rd Xbee. However the wrongly powered Xbee in API is undetectable by othe Xbee’s.

I am facing error of can’t detect local xbee in case of choosing wrongly powered Xbee , pressing network key and scanning radios of other xbee .It gives instructions of elimination and reinstallation , by following instruction still nothing scan. However , I can make changes in firmware , keeping update setting .How can I resolve this problem? Does it brick?


I am sorry but I don’t understand what you are saying. Are you saying that the module you powered up incorrect, when connected to the PC, is unable to read the modules settings?