Is my XBee 3 dead?

I was experimenting today with my XBee 3 module, I had it plugged into the Sparkfun explorer board and I relocated my breadboard power supply which also swapped over which was 3.3V and which was ground. I didn’t realise till I turned on my power supply and nothing happened. I quickly turned it off off and switched the polarity so that 3.3V was going to the correct pin and GND was too.

I had XCTU on with another XBee connected as a controller, and initially it was picking up the XBee I had powered incorrectly and a third XBee. However the incorrectly powered XBee seems to be unfindable by either of the other XBees in API mode.

If I select the incorrectly powered XBee, click on the network button and then scan for other XBee radios I get the error message about can’t find local Xbee, remove from list in the right and reinstall. I do this and still can’t scan. However I can update settings, even change firmware on the XBee module. Just doesn’t seem to want to transmit and receive.

Is it bricked?

From the sounds of it, yes, you will need to replace the module.

Well don’t know what it was but now it is working and seeing other XBees and itself being seen. I reflashed the firmware.