Is netosprog need to be updated to work with Windows 10 (64bit)

We use the DC-ME-01T-C in our product and have used netosprog to help us set it up. However, we have recently updated our computers to Windows 10, and have not been able to successfully use netosprog since then.

Windows error as follows: “This app can’t run on your PC - To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher.”

Any help you can provide in what we can be doing, or if there is a new program to use rather than netosprog in these scenarios would be helpful.

You should be logged in as Administrator,
can you get the help screen
command line:
etos75\bin>netosprog /?

NET+OS Programmer
Copyright 2004-2009 Digi International Inc

netosprog [Option][Parameters]

/?, /help Display usage information.
/discover Discover devices on the network.
/set Set device parameters.
/upload Upload firmware image to device.

/mac MAC address of the target device.
Example: /mac=auto (target is the first device found)
/mac=00409D123456 (target is individual device)
/username Username to login to the device (default: root).
Example: /username=admin
/password Password to login to the device (default:password).
Example: /password=password
/ip Used with either /firmware or /set command:
with /firmware: IP address of the target device.
with /set: new ip address for the target device.
Example: /ip= (specific ip address)
/ip=dhcp (obtain ip address using DHCP)
NOTE: dhcp is valid only with /set command
/subnet Used only with /set command: new subnet mask to set for device
Example: /subnet=
/gateway Used only with /set command: new gateway to set for device
Example: /gateway=
/firmware File name of firmware to flash the device with.
Example: /firmware=c:\myfirmware.bin

netosprog /discover
netosprog /set /mac=00409d254074 /ip= /subnet=
Assigns a static IP address to the device.
netosprog /upload /firmware=C:\myfirmware.bin /ip=
(default used for /username and /password)
netosprog /upload /firmware=C:\myfirmware.bin /mac=auto
(first device discovered will get firmware uploaded)