Making a footbridge

Pardon by the language ingles.
I have bought several modulos DigiconnectMe and WiMe to study with my students. Desearia to know like simply making a footbridge of RS232 to Tcp/ip and TCP/IP to RS232.

Did you get the development kit with them?

¿Pidis la caja de desarrollar con esos?

Hello, We have the Kit de Integracion but we needed information

Hello egawtry:
I wish an example !!
Thanks very much

Thank you ERIK

I do not have the Kit of development and cannot load the programs.

I thank him for his help.
He will think like to solve the problem
Thank you,Thank you

Take the nsftpapp and add C code for an IP socket.

With that you can update using FTP and you can define what the port does.

Should I send an example?


Please refer to the Digi Connect User’s Guide, provided with the Digi Connect Integration Kit or available online at the following URL:


I have not tested it, but this is what you need.

It is written in NetOS 6.3.



If I am correct, the customer says that he is using the Integration Kit, not the Development Kit…


Sorry. I did not read very well. I just know about the Development Kit, not the Integration Kit, so someone else needs to answer your question.


Making a RS232 to Ethernet bridge is one of the main
functions for the ConnectME (or WiME) Integration kit
(or Plug’n’Play).

Just boot the module, it will pickup an IP address
via DHCP, then access the module using a browser.
You will have a bunch of webpages that will allow
you to setup all the features, including the
serial-to-ethernet mode.

I also suggest to read the documentation, it’s very
complete and it explains all these very well…