ME basic setup questions

I have a project that will involve a DC-ME-Y401-C. I am told it has encryption.
I don’t plan to use it for anything but serial and don’t plan to program the internal processor.
What I need to know is how to set it up for an IP address and connection to a PC/MAC through a virtual serial port. It will require a local serial BAUD rate of 19200 and probably no handshaking.

Where can I find the setup modules, the run-time modules, and the appropriate documentation for these tasks?

What programs must be installed on the PC or MAC that talks to it?

What roll can or will the encryption portion play on a virtual serial port? If encryption is not applicable for this type of use, what is a better model to use?

How does this unit differ from the following devices?


DC-ME-01T-C is module for NET+OS . ie: you need to write your own code in NET+OS accordingly to us this.

DC-ME-01T-S is plug-n-play device. ie: it has a default application running inside and it has certain capabilities. Yoou don’t have to program it.

By the way why you wanted to use virtual serial port when you have already a serial port on ME.

I want to use this device for a virtual serial - ethernet - serial port. I have since realized that setup is accomplished with a web browser. I don’t need a programmable device. The project board will have on it a DC-ME-Y401-C. It will be expected to communicate serial to the project board firmware. The other end will be ethernet and will communicate with a PC program that thinks it is communicating with a serial device.
The end user will need to set up the device to operate on his LAN without a lot of computer/LAN knowledge.

Yes, you can do this with a standard (DC-ME-01T-S) device and realport. Realport is a virtual serial port driver that you can install on your PC to control devices like the Connect ME.

I hope this helps