Mikrokopter and xBee wifi for telemetry transmission

I recently purchased two Xbee wifi modules, S6B. I want to use them for wireless communication/telemetry between my MikroKopter and iPad. I currently use the RCTimer 915mhz telemetry modules, plug and play. It was a basic hhokup with 5v, grd,tx and rx. I hooked up the module to my PC(sparkfun usb board) and was able to change only the baud rate to 57600, using XCTU. MK wants this baud rate. I hooked the module into a regulated sparkfun board and hooked it up to the MK, 5v, grd, tx and rx. I powered up the MK/xbee and was able to connect to I with my ipad in settings. The MKTools app has a connection that needs setting up. I named it Mikrokopter, the connection type is WLAN, address was the MY module address. The last setting is “port” and the default setting is 2000. I was not able to get the app to connect with these settings. I’m a newb at this so am I missing something on the module setup? I need transmission both ways for flight controller updates and live telemetry data on the iPad. Any help would greatly appreciated.


The port number the radios are configured for is 0x2616. Try adjusting either the radios to match the software or the software to match the radios.