NCR 7197 starts printing od stuff, as soon as edgeport driver is active


We got a NCR 7197 which uses Edgeport Serial to USB to connect to a usb port.

A couple of days ago we upgraded our system from an old win xp pos ready to windows 7 pro.

Now we have the problem that we can’t get the printer working.

As soon as we install the edgeport driver it start printing Z in for about 30 lines. If i deactivate the edgeport in the devicemanager it stops printing those od Zs.

I tried the old v5.30 and the new v5.70. Both cause the same issue.

Could anybody help me with that problem?

Greetings from Germany



Did you ever find out how to resolve this issue.

I have the same problem.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.