Need to set XBee Series2 (XB24-B) in a point to multi-point configuration

I recently purchases four of the XBee Series 2 units and have a similar Pro unit on order. I now realize I probably should have gotten the Series 1.

I need to not use the mesh but set the units in a point to multipoint with one unit in braodcast mode and the rest of units in a recieve only mode. This will be a continous serial data stream. If I were setting up the series 1 I would :
Set mack Mode to option 1 - NO ACKS
Interface data Rate to 57600
Parity to Mark Parity NB3
RO Packetization - 0

Is it possible to set the series 2 up to mimick this. I just want the main unit to broadcast only and the recieveing units to recieve only.

Thanks for any help.

One of four xbee(s) is set as ZIGBEE COODINATOR AT.
Please set ID of this COORDINATOR as your favorite number.

The three remaining xbee(s) are set as ZIGBEE ROUTER AT.
ID of this ROUTER is set the same to COORDINATOR.
JV is set to 1.

RO of COORDINATOR, NH, BH, etc. depend on a situation.

The standard of COORDINATOR is to transmit by BROADCAST.

Please try on this.