Network Assistant: why devices are not seen?

I have a network in service with (obsolete) modules Xbee PRO S5 (part number XBP08-DPSIT-024). I would like to manage it with the SW Xbee Network Assistant.
I follow the instructions on the DIGI site but I cannot discover the devices in the network. Then I have 2 precise questions:

  1. Does the Network Assistant work fine with Xbee PRO S5 modules?
  2. What do I have to do to discover the devices that are sleeping when Network Assistant is scanning the network? Or they cannot be discovered?

Thanks to anyone that will bring a bit of light to me!

The modules need to support the ATND command and the radio that is connected to the PC should be in API mode.

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Thank you for your reply mvut, the modules do support the ATND and the radio IS in API mode.
My 2nd question is rather: how the Network Assistant knows that a sleeping node exists? Does it have to wait until it wakes up or does it take the information from the information hold in a router or coordinator?

On this product, it has to wait for it to wake up and respond to the Node Discovery.