Newbee needs guide and advice

Hi There,

We have a project to collect data from wireless sensors and upload it to a data center. We are considering using XBee modules… The project will have three tiers:

1- Sensors
2- Mobile device (iPhone, iPad or an Android device)
3- Data Center

The plan is using a mobile device to collect the data from sensors and upload it to the data center… There will be a mobile application also on the device to display the statistics and monitor the sensors…

Our main question is; how can we establish a connection between an XBee module and a mobile device?

Thank you!

Without using a Gateway or some sort of USB to XBee connection that can connect to the IPhone, IPad or other portable device, it is not possible. The reason for that is that the wireless devices you are referring to such as your smart phones, PDA Etc don’t offer an 802.15.4 or Zigbee Wireless transceiver in them. Instead it may be better for you to use one of the Connect port X2 Gateways to collect the data and send it up to the Cloud. Then your apps on your phones can collect to the Cloud and poll the data.