Newbie Q: Is there a WatchPort Manager equivalent for Sensors for Drop-in-Networking?

Hi, I’m a newbie and I apologize if this sounds like a silly question.

I was initially looking at WatchPort USB sensors, but later I discovered that I could use Watch Sensors for Drop-in-networking. However, after spending half a day looking through the website and forum, I still cannot figure out if Watchport Manager or an equivalent application (whether from digi, or from a 3rd party) that could work with those sensors.

My requirement is simple - I need to deploy for a customer a Water Detector PC application within a 3 week timeframe. If there is water, it should trigger an alert like an email - which WatchPort Manager can do. The water sensors will be located anywhere between 50m-100m (indoors) from the room where the PC will reside.

I can do simple serial programming in Windows using Delphi but I’ve no experience in Python.

Has anyone done something similar or know something? By the way, I know this is Python subforum, but I still can’t figure out where to post. Thanks.


I hope from your description it seems that, you are trying to connect the watchport sensor to PC USB port. For that, you will require one more RJ45 serial to USB Edgeport, which is soldby Digi. So, contact to appropriate Digi Sales person to get that product. I hope you have watchport sensor.

So, following combination would work for you.

– Watchport Manager Software
– RJ45 to USB Edgeport. (you need to install Edgeport drivers on your windows PC)
– Watchport water sensor