Only two of five new modules work with XBIB-U

Hi, I have five out-of-box XBee Pro 802.15.4 modules from Digikey and an XBIB-U board. When I connect to the XBIB-U board at 9600 only two of the five modules respond to the ‘Test/Query’ command in the XCTU software. The other three pop a “unable to communicate” error.

Strange thing is that I can see all five respond with ‘OK’ at 9600 on an oscope, about one second after the +++, just as advertised. But XCTU says no response.

Same thing on the ‘Terminal’ tab of XCTU, I type +++ at 9600 and two of the five modules respond with OK, the other three show no response.

Bad socket on the XBIB-U board. Argh. Never mind.


For other three module give this procedure a try :