XBIB-U-Dev & XBIB-R-Dev Rev2 Boards

I recently purchased (2) XBEE WiFi modules because I am interested in developing a robot around these modules. I have extensive experience using the XBEE & XBEE Pro ZigBee modules and possess the XBIB-U-Dev and XBIB-R-Dev boards, but they are Rev2. According to the datasheets it appears that they should be suitable for use with the new XBEE WiFi modules, but I can’t seem to connect with my modules even though I have downloaded and installed the latest XCTU software. Any help would be appreciated.

I tried 9600 bps and other baud rates, but no luck.

Regards, Abe

I have a XBIB-U-Dev Rev B (moderatly old - 2010) and it talks fine to the XB-24WF at 9600 baud, no API.

I cannot think of any specific reason an old XBIB wouldn’t work (unless the power usage of a new XBee was too high … which should NOT the case here).

I have XCTU, but have been told that (at least as of July/August 2011) you are safer to use the terminal window and AT commands within XCTU because the “modem config” tab still has some bugs.