palo alto firewall

AnywhereUSB connectivity through a Palo Alto Firewall. Anyone set this product up successfully behind a firewall? Especially functionality working with the AnywhereUSB Manager.

If you wish to use AWUSB Plus Hub in conjunction with your PA firewall, you need the following:

  • provide network access on the firewall to AWUSB Plus Hub by IP address onto TCP port 18574

  • if the Hub is across a switch or router that does not forward Bonjour traffic, the AnywhereUSB Manager will not be able to discover the Hub.
    in this case, add the Hub to the known Hubs list.

    Open the AnywhereUSB Manager.
    Right-click on a Hub name in the AnywhereUSB Manager. A shortcut menu displays.
    Click Add to Known Hubs. The Hub is added to the known hubs list.
    To ensure that you don’t have a duplicate connection for this Hub, you should navigate to
    File > Preferences and disable the Autofind Hubs feature.