Parallel I/O Info


i need help on I/O port.
i’m using RCM3100 on RCM30/31/32XX Prototyping Board and i try to connected a DC motor on port D bit 0 of RCM.
the problem is i can not turn on the motor. i try to connect the motor +ve to 3.3V port and try to ground it in port D bit 0 so it would be turn on. is it the correct way?

and initialize the port to 0

someone please help me…
thanks a lot…

The ports from the processor do not have enough current drive capability to run a DC motor directly. As with most microcontrollers, a motor requires a driver transistor or IC to interface with the CPU. Many books show examples of these types of circuits, an excerpt from one can be found here:

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius - Driving a motor with a transistor

A circuit as shown in this excerpt can be easily constucted in the prototyping area of the development board, and be driven by port D, bit 0.