Passive connection of a DigiOne SP on a HP-UX system


I would like to use a Digi One SP to connect a passive VT100 terminal on my HP server. I’ve succeed in installing the drivers and configuring the Digi One SP to automatically connect on my HP system (login connection on port 21)

Here are my questions :

  • What port profile do I have to use to manage passive connection ?
  • Once the port profile choosen and configurated, what is the access point of the Digi One SP on my HP-UX server (/dev/tty?, /dev/cua??..??).

Sincerely yours.

You would want to use the RealPort, Printer or Console Management profile for your port (they are all passive to allow management from the HP-UX RealPort host).

The /dev/cux## devices are the non-blocking devices (no DCD required), the /dev/ttyx## devices are the blocking (modem) devices (DCD signal assertion is required).

Hope this makes sense.