Pin output to wake up attached hardware.

I have just made the transition to the XBEE S2C version and the changes from the S2b have opened up some new possibilities. The capabiltiy of the S2C to transmit Analog inputs periodically is particularly welcome!

Is there any chance that a future software release could include a ‘data available’ hardware function? My configuration relies on continuous mesh communications so pretty much everything runs as a router to enable close to real time communications across the mesh. The challenge is that the local hardware attached to the XBEE may actually not be required unless it is directly being addressed so having a processor doing nothing except waiting for a few serial bytes becomes an energy drain.

If the XBEE could route a simple low going signal to an output pin a few m/s before transmitting on the serial port that signal could be used to wake up the external device to receive the serial data, process it and go back to sleep. this would reduce the local power consumption to just the XBEE with the external processor in a deep sleep mode.

That is something you would need to bring up with Digi’s Sales people.