PortAssist Manager Forgetting which port it's configured to use...

PortAssist Manager appears to use port 8080 by default for it’s web interface. On my server, that’s the port that Squid uses! It caused a few headaches until I worked out PAM was binding to the port before ‘squid’ had a chance to bind to it (and therefore squid aborted).

Anyway, I reconfigured PAM to use port 8000, which was fine, but I rebooted the machine today and PAM had started using port 8080 again, which caused the same problem as before with people trying to use the squid proxy meant to be running on port 8080 getting the PAM login page instead. :sunglasses:

I’ve reconfigured PAM again to use port 8000. I’ve checked the /var/local/pam/vq/server/server.cfg file and it definitely shows port 8000:


What would cause this to be over-ridden (or simply ignored) at startup time? Is there anywhere else that the port number can be specified by anything run from the ‘digipams’ script installed in /etc/init.d?



I cannot replicate this behavior. If I set the http port to 8000 and reboot the server, the setting stays.

You might want to try changing the port from the admin console.


login/password defaults are admin/admin.

If this still does not make the setting stick, let me know what UNIX flavor/version you are using along with the java package versions.

Thanks for the reply. I have since re-installed PAM again and I made sure the config file said the right port number (ie. 8000) after the install program exited.

Next time I rebooted the machine the port number was set correctly and didn’t revert to 8080. All I can assume is that the first time I installed PAM something didn’t write the ammended information to the config file.

Regards from Craig.