PORTSERVER II 16 PORT need help plz for telnet is not displaying all the sh run

when i use either secure crt or any terminal software or windows int telnet session like

telnet 2013 , the connection work A1.

but when i do the sh run its just showing me the about 25 lines and stop.

but when im connected directly into the portserver II and issue the command connect 13 and then do sh run, its show everything.

tks for helping me.

#> cpconf term

PortServerII Version 3.1.13 Nov 1 2006

ROM version 106, Amount of RAM: 4 Megs

set config myname=“” domain=“”

set config ip= submask=

set config gateway= nameserv=

set config boothost= bootfile=“40001260_AF.bin”

set config bootpserver=““bootpgenericfile=””

set config bootp=no tftp=no redirect=ignore tbreak=std

set tcp realport=771 rto_max=240 sockets=2000keepalive_idle=02.00.00

set tcp probe_count=10 probe_interval=75

set radius authentication=1645 accounting=1646

set line range=13 parity=N csize=8 error=null

set line range=13 baud=9600 stopb=1 break=ignore inpck=offistrip=off onlcr=off otab=off

set flow range=13 ixon=on aixon=off ixoff=on ixany=offitoss=off altpin=on

set flow range=13 rts=on dtr=off cts=on dcd=off dsr=offri=off

set keys range=13 xon=^Q xoff=^S xona=^Q xoffa=^S

set port range=13 dev=prn sess=9 termtype=vt100 uid=0edelay=1 auto=off bin=off group=0

set port range=13 dest= dport=0

set route net= mask= gateway= wanname=ether

set ip =

set ip =