Post Analysis of XCTU Xbee Tools

I am using a Zigbee PRO S2C for my master as well as slaves in my communication. I recently got my hands onto the XCTU tools like Range test, Spectrum analyzer, and Throughput. I could perform all the three test successfully.
My question is how do I interpret the results of my tests. For example, I got spectrum analysis graph for the 16 channels. What and how do I conclude something from it. Same goes for Range test and Throughput Test.

The tests you are referring to allow you to view specific data. For example, the range test allows you to see if you sent a given packet size between two nodes, what % of data would be received over a given range. Thus allowing you to adjust your application accordingly.

The Spectrum analyzer allows you to view the ambient noise level on the channels selected. Thus allowing you to trouble shoot an issue or select a specific channel to use. The lower the level, (farther from 0) the weaker the signal thus the quieter the channel.

Throughput allows you to see what size packet you can Stream into the radios and achieve a given throughput in that environment.

Wireless communications are used in many areas today, such as: environmental systems, industrial and medical systems, and vehicular system. The Internet of Things (IoT) and other concepts speed up usage and development of various wireless technologies that exist today such as: ZigBee, Z-Wave, IEEE 802.15.4, WirelessHART, 6loWPAN, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, NFC, etc. ZigBee technology has its applications in all enlisted areas.The first section of the tool contains the device selection control populated with the devices that you have added to XCTU. Select the radio module you want to use to perform the analysis.The analysis configuration panel is located next to the device selection control. This section allows you to configure the spectrum analysis process.