ZB Range test in API mode?

I have done range tests with S1 802.15.4 modules in both AT and API mode.
I would now like to do the same with my S2 ZB modules (so I can compare RSSI,PER and range), I can perform range test in AT mode but when I put the Co-ord in API and X-CTU in Enable API mode the range test doesn’t work. I can see that both modules are on the same PAN and that both are Tx and Rx, but the range test packets are shown as “Bad” on X-CTU.

Has anyone been able to perform a S2 ZB range test in API mode? Is it meant to be possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Pieter,

Unfortunately, X-CTU’s range test is not available in S2 modules at API mode, try with Moltosenso’s iron suite.

Basically, a range test consists on sending a message to Cluster 0x12 (Serial loopback) and reading the DB value.

Wow, thats very neat software for RSSI test purposes, thanks for the recommendation!

I am currently sticking with X-CTU for module configuration read/write, but really like the RSSI test of Moltosenso’s program.

If any one wants to really test their modules the RSSI test is great, shows the RSSI on both modules (Co-ord needs to be in API) and displays them in a graph. One problem is logging the graphs but I think print screen will do.

Will have to test is out some more.