problem on xbee pin signals DTR- sleep RQ /CTS /on- sleep

I am using the card Muin( DROID) - xbee for a prototype

Configuration Xbee series 2 chip antenna

D7=CTS flow- control
D6= RTS flow- control
on Muin pin 9,12,13 are not connected
the pins connected are vcc- gnd- tx- rx- RSSI- ASSOC

if measured the pin 9,12,13
pin 9 DTR- sleep RQ — >3.3v
pin 12 CTS— >0 V (CTS- VCC 3.20 ???)
Pin 13 on- sleep 3.3 v

i would expect (as in the manual xbee)
RF module in SLEEP
pin 9 DTR— >3.3v
pin 12 CTS— >3.3v
pin 13 on- sleep 0 v

putting pin 9— >low( GND) Pin 12 remains high and pin 13 remains low

if i run the same operations on XBee - USB Board Droid

signals pin 9-12-13 are correct
9-high/ 12-high/ 13-Low
putting pin 9— >low( GND) pin 12 goes to Low and pin 13 goes to high
can you help me to understand why
thank you for any response