Problem with ConnectProg with the new firmware 82001116_h


I am using the software “connectprog.exe” to make several operation on the DigiConnectME 2MB -S.

One of these operation is the download of a defaults.rci file and the factory settings restoration.

With old firmware (82000867_G), my commands are perfectly done, and my module is correctly configured with my own parameters :

connectprog /upload / /username=custom /password=custom /custom=defaults.rci

connectprog /defaults / /username=root /password=dbps

connectprog /reboot / /username=root /password=dbps

Now, with the firmware 82001116_h, when the command with /defaults is done, I receive this message :

Device found
Connect to device: SUCCESS
Restora factory defaults: FAILED
ERROR: Failed to restore factory defaults.

After that, the module’s parameters are set to DIGI’s one, and all my configuration is lost. The IP address is set to DHCP, and I don’t have DHCP server so the IP address is randomized. If I made an hard reset (by unplug and re-plug the power line), my parameters are restored because the command with /upload is correctly done and my file was correctly uploaded.

This is a big problem for me because I have sent to my clients a batch file which uses the connectprog software and if they upgrade the ConnectME firmware this batch does not work anymore.

Is there a special command in connectprog to keep network configuration when doing a factory restoration ?

I have try to make a new “default.rci” file by the new firmware but the problem is always here.

When I try to make the factory restoration by the web page, it is working only if the button “keep network setting” is checked. Otherwise the webpage is never refreshed and I return to the same problem as with connectprog.exe (all is deconfigured).

Please help me !

Unfortunately the problem you’re talking about is related to the new Treck stack. It re-acts on all network changes immediately unlike the old Fusion stack. The connect programmer is erroring out (or actually timing out) since it doesn’t get an RCI response back from the Connect ME saying it has finished factory defaulting the module.

Ok, but my real problem is that It re-acts with the parameters defined by digi, and not with my parameters specified in the defaults.rci I sent before.