Why can I not connect to Wi-Sp after resetting to custom factory default settings?

Using DigiConnect Wi-SP in ad-hoc mode (had to downgrade to firmware version
Have the following settings:
set network dhcp=off static=on ip= submask= gateway=
set wlan protmode=ibss_create channel=6 ssid=CS_CR3000 authentication=open encryption=wep wepkey1=9876543210
set profile port=1 profile=tcp_sockets

This works fine, we can connect to the Wi-Sp without issue, can talk with the device connected to the serial port, no issues there.

We use the address as that is the default network windows uses when it cannot get an ip from DHCP, therefore we don’t have to manually set an ip address on the laptop we connect with.

We decided to make use of the custom factory defaults so we log into the webui and download the default.rci template.
We then upload it back into the device without changing anything and then reboot the device.

If we then reset the device to default, either through the webui or by pushing the reset button on the device during power-up it “resets” the settings to what we want them to, but we are unable to connect to the webui, telnet in, or connect to the device on the serial port.

We can see the network and connect to it without any errors from windows, and the status will say connected.

If we set the dip switches to be able to get into the serial console we can verify that the settings are what we want them to be by using the show network and show wlan commands.

If we then re-type in the config exactly the same as we had done for the original setup and reboot, it will start working again.