Problem with new RapidPorts

We recently bought 4 Rapidports and have them cabled into a server running W2K8 R2 as two separate “strings” (two daisy-chained into separate USB ports)and have several questions/problems:

  1. With several attempts at configuring the devices we have some modem ports that are not associated to an underlying COM port (we initially selected the default “COM port Assignment” instead of “Based on physical USB port” which sounds like the better way to go) so I want to be able to delete everything and start from scratch - how do I accomplish this?

  2. One “string” seems to constantly be dropped - can’t see it from Device Manager or the Edgeport RapidPort configuration utility but sometimes the hub status is green and sometimes there are no LEDs on both units.

We have downloaded and installed the latest drivers from the website.

Hi Ray,
I’ve not heard of that working before. After you delete all instances of the rapidports then add 2 of the devices back. See if you can at least get that working.

I suspect the driver doesn’t support what you are trying to do.

Hi Keith,

Perhaps I am mis-representing the configuration - the spec sheet on the RapidPort says you can daisy chain up to 5 units; I have my four units set up as two “strings/daisy chains” - two interconnected to each other into separate USB ports off the server.

How do I delete everything - the underlying COM ports from Device Manager AND the RapidPort modem port assigments?

THanks for your help.