Recent new owner of product, working to get this working properly in our VMware environment.

We have a Windows 2008 R2 (x64) Server with the AnywhereUSB Client installed and connected to a 2 port device with one 4-port Rapidport multi-modem connected.

I have been troubleshooting modem query issues that seem to occur x minutes after the server boots.

I am trying to apply a firmware update to the modems and am using the Rapidport Firmware Update Utility, however when I run it… I get “COM1 : Timeout when trying to update…”
It appears the modem is available as I can query it, but I cannot load the firmware update.

Any help?

Hello, were you ever able to apply your firmware upgrade? The other thing I would check into are services running in the background which may be trying to use the same COM port.

Your statement that the modem query failures “seem to occur x minutes after the server boots” seems to indicate that type of problem, but I could be wrong.