Problem with USB Ethernet Driver

Hello All,
I am trying to use my new UsbAnywhere/14 hub with wireless and wired adapter. While the wireless adapter works fine, the wired adapter only works under windows XP (SP3). When I connect it under Windows7, it says “device cannot start (code 10)”

I tried both Win 7 x86 and x64. If I plug the adapter to a Win7 computer, it works just fine.

The USB Ethernet device uses chipset AX88772.
I had tried with the latest Anywhere USB Drivers that I got from your site.

Any Idea what I could check now ?

Note: The computer have an interface in the same subnet than the anywhereUSB Hub, so a new adapter won’t cause traffic to be dropped AFAIK

That is a Windows error concerning the driver. You should completely unistall the driver and reinstall. See the instructions here

Hope this helps