USBAnywhere 14port driver install is failing on initial install... Help please.

I am trying to install AnywhereUSB/14 on to a virtual (VMWare) Windows 2016 Server. The AnywhereUSB/14 firmware has been updated to the latest version (build 82002081_P awusb14 eos 2/02/2018 8:27:24a). I have copied the usbd.sys file from the original media and replaced the same in the operating system. I then run the install of the AnywhereUSB Driver Installer as an Administrator. It completes and then opens. Then it opens and says, “The AnywhereUSB Driver Installer has stopped working. Please close the program.” Sometimes it does not give that error and I connect to the Remote Hub and it starts to load the drivers and then blue screens.

Thinking there may be an issue with the image I created another 2016 and had the same issue. Then I tried a 2012 R2 and it reated the same way with the bluescreen. “Stop code: PNP DETECTED FATAL ERROR” Automatic repair does not work. Any Ideas would be helpful… I am running out of them.