Problem with xbee series2

Hello everyone! I’m newcomer in the “forum”. I face the following problem
I want to connect my “arduino” with my computer wirelessly , so I bought the following items:

I had connect the first xbee with my usb explorer and while i was trying again and again to set it right with X-CTU Software, suddenly, xbee ceases to communicate with my computer. After that, the modem is not communicating with my computer … X-CTU says “Unable to communicate with modem”…
Is my xbee dead? How can restore it?

I had the same problem as you and solved it following caresfully this (attached file) instructions I found on the internet. The only modification was that i put the Sbee module on the Explorer USB Shield and connected it to PC. When I had to reset i simply connected a wire in between pins RST and GND

Thank a lot ophiuco17!
It works just fine!!!