Rabbit 2000/Dynamic C 9.62 Exit Codes

Rabbit 2000 and a ~4K line code program I ‘inherited’ from someone else and trying to get it to talk MODBUS over Ethernet. Software will compile and run for about 10 seconds then get, “Program Terminated. Exit Code 17201.” Sometimes it terminates earlier with exit code 815.

Is there anywhere to look up these codes?


Rabbit 2000
Dynamic C 9.62
A/D board
Digital I/O board
D/A board
Windows 7
Using these library files:
#use “smrtstar.lib”
#use “ucos2.lib”
#use “dcrtcp.lib”
#use “SERX.LIB” // Generalized serial library
#use “tftp.lib” // Trivial FTP library