Reading data from cc2650stk SensorTag (end device) with ConnectPort X4 (coordinator) -

Hi to everyone,

I’m trying to figure out how to read the data coming from the Zigbee CC2650STK nodes (END-DEVICES) from the ConnectPort X4 (Coordinator) gateway.

The CPX4 gateway sees CC2650STK as end- device (from “Discover XBee Devices” function).

Now through the program loaded on the gateway “” (and with the “zmatrix_config.txt” file configured for the application) I want to see the data from the sensors on the CC2650STK.

I need “” because I have to transmit data via TCP to another station…


I’m not familiar with Does this already exist and you need help making it work or adding a feature? Or are you looking for someone to help you write it from scratch?

Not exactly. The script works…I have tried both the TCPS (TCP Server) and TCPC (TCP Client) modes.

But my goal is to understand this:

I want to read the data coming from the CC2650STK sensors (for example 3 end-devices) and transfer them via TCP / IP to another station (PC).


Lots of standard Python libs (socket, urllib2, httplib, ssl, etc) support data transfer between devices. At least socket will be available on the X4, some of the others might not be. Plenty of tutorials/samples you can read through for guidance. For example, the python docs for socket lib include a client/server sample you could expand on.