Realport Connecctions With Private IP Cellular

Hello Everybody

I’m trying to Connect, Digi Realport With Connectpor X4 nema, all through cellular network,
All examples that I see, are with Sim Card with IP public, (static)
However I have Private IP for my Chip, Wyless Company supplies us.

Now… I Can’t connect to Digi realport … [:-/]

the IP private, is,
connected to Internet ,the web indicate IP public:

Anyone know the config about it (in RealPort and connectport X4)

I’ll appreciate your answers

I don’t know if this will help your situation, but there is reverse realport, which makes the realport connection from the device side to the PC with the RealPort driver. This will only help you if your PC is accessible from the public network.

See the “set dirp” command: