Remote Command does not work


I’m using several king of Digi modules, and I developped a tool like X-CTU to get informations about my networks.

Now I try to integrate XBee-Pro 868 modules.

First I work with X-CTU.

Node Discovery is working well (Remote Configuration…)

But when I select a module I try to read its configuration over the air X-CTU doesn’t acheive the operation.

In my software I saw that the distant module does not send the response.

Could you please help me on that point.

Do the 868 PRO module is capable of processing remote commands ?


Hello Guz,

Could you specify which Modem Type, Function Set and Firmware version are you using? Find it out with X-CTU Modem Configuration (you may post a screenshot if you want). Regards,

I think you need to have API firmware on the module.