Remote configuration via SNMP or TELNET?

Greetings all,

I have been tasked with developing a non-interactive way of configuring a Digi Connect ME. Currently, we are using the web interface, but are configuring all the systems (about 48 of them) the same way (same IP, name, location, user name/password, etc).

The Digi Connect ME we have is rather old (Firmware Version 2.8.2, 82001116_K, 09/16/2008, Boot Version: release_82000866_C, POST version: 1.1.3 release_82000867_H). I do not have (nor am I likely to be able to purchase, thanks to our company’s limited budget) any of the development kits.

I have been able to do a tree walk with SNMP and can easily see how I can change many of our items (host name, location, etc), but is there a way I can change the default IP from DHCP to static remotely? Also, is there a remote way of rebooting the module? The program must be non-interactive, which includes not having to enter any passwords (though passwords can be stored in the program and sent over). The user must be able to launch it and walk away (though it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to complete).

The module is integrated into a power distribution unit (a Marway MPD 100IEC). The configuration program will be written in C on a Linux (RHEL 5.5) platform.

Suggestions, recommendations and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Chuck Martin


You can always
1.telnet to the device and change it
2.use RCI commands. ( )
3.use addp library. (sorry i dont have it for linux.)

Maybe these posts will help you.,3359,2282

if you are not comfortable with addp go with telnet in C .
That will help i believe.

Thank you all for the responses! I am reading through them now.

Can I use SSH instead of TELNET for sending the commands? There has been some discussion since I originally posted that TELNET may be banned due to security concerns. SSH would be available, though.

Thanks again!
Chuck Martin

Here are some blogs on the ADDP format.

Thanks again for the help and pointing me in the right direction!

Chuck Martin

Yes sure you can always use SSh… its secure …


ADDP is a Digi proprietary protocol. So in future if you want any assistance on ADDP you can ask here or Digi Support .
The links that you pointed above are not from digi so its not recommend .

Those links are for old Digi devices, most of it works, but new Digi devices require a password encryption for ADDP that is not known.

Except for that, the ADDP protocol is not complicated and is generally described well in those links. I completely rewrote the ADDP DLL for Windows in a day using them.