Remote Sleep - Not happening (Problem Found)

I am creating a network using a number of XBP09-DM modules. One module is the coordinator connected to a PC as serial modem, the others are being used in the field to transmit real-time data back to the coordinator. So far the data transmission is working fine.

My problem is getting the field modules to go to sleep mode. I have tried a few variations of settings by way of X-CTU, but nothing seems to work as intended as far as sleep is concerned.

For testing purposes I have one field module (XBP09) with a single LED connected to D4. DIO4 is configured as (5) DIGITAL OUT, HI. When powered up the LED does light. I can turn it OFF manually by way of a computer application I have written (through the coordinator XBP09). However the field module will not sleep.

I would be happy with a cyclic sleep mode of say 5 seconds ON, 30 seconds OFF. I would also like to have instructions sent to the field module instructing it when to turn ON and for how long, and possibly when to turn OFF if need be.

The firmware on all modules is 8044. More details can be provided, but if someone has a configuration that works … I’m sure it would be very helpful for me to gain a better understanding of this process.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

As it turns out, I was doing everything correctly after all - just not getting the results I was expecting. What was happening is the module was going to “Sleep” but was not shutting OFF (disabling) the D4 pin. I suspect the other Data pins might be affected in a similar fashion although I still need to test this to be sure. This situation was giving me a false result - and something I need to consider before making my next batch of circuit boards.

My result came from observing an LED and resistor I connected between pin 13 of the XBP09 and ground. When the module is ON, the LED is lit. When the unit is sleeping, the LED is OFF. This worked as it should have. I was able to adjust the Sleep values in the firmware and the adjustments were observed by way of the attached LED.

Pin 13 is a status pin, HI=ON, LOW=SLEEP.

Thank you everyone that took the time to check my previous post!