Replaced Modem

We have Digi 8r 920 board with MultiTech MT5600zdx modems attached. This has been working OK for years, However recently we had to replace one of the modems, we purchased at MultiTech MT5656zdx. We can not get this modem to work. We are using vsi fax software and get the error. (not running [modem server keeps dying]) Any ideas?

It sounds as though you may need to train the modem DTE speed. In most cases, simply connecting to the modem at the desired baud rate and issuing at$sbs0=1&w is sufficient to set the proper DTE (serial) baud rate.

Additional details can be found here:

If this does not address the error, please advise what operating system you are using.

We have the board in a server running Windows NT4 server.

We still can not get the modem to work. May need instruction for NT to send commands to printer.