Resetting Digi Ports

We have a printer that needs to be reset, the procedure that is in place calls for powering down the printer.
Powering down the digi port server.
Resetting the printer port in Unix.
Now the Digi Port server has several printers connected to it and powering that down stops all jobs.
Is there a way within the digi port server to do this?
Do we have to power down the digi port every time we need to reset a printer port in unix ??

You should not need to reboot the PortServer unit in order to reset a printer.

What are the circumstances behind resetting the printer?

From UNIX you should be able to cancel any print jobs in the print queue, disable the printer, power cycle the printer and re-enable the printer in UNIX.

However, if a buffer overflow condition occured on the printer/serial port, it may be more difficult to clear without a reboot. If this is the reason the printer needs to be reset, I recommend investigating the flow control settings between the printer and the UNIX printer configuration to make sure they match.

Thanks for the reply…
Usualy the printer will go offline, either it will have been taken offline and not placed back online, I was told thats will make it close its connection.
Or it will have been powered off, outlet may have lost power and I was told that also will make it lose its connection to unix and resetting digi port along with resetting port in unix would restore it.

In this case, you may want to consider using hardware flow control. You will need to wire the printer’s hardware flow control signal to the PortServer’s CTS signal, then configure the printer and UNIX print spooler settings to use hardware flow control.

This will allow the UNIX spooler to recognize when the printer is not available and “hold” the job until the printer comes back on-line.

Thanks for the reply… I looked at some of your earlier post and I made use if the DP software
Opened the app and sent a job to the port, I noticed that the job was going through but in a different port on the server, I also swapped out the cat-5 cables at the drop, they where bent at the jack, so after swapping the cat-5 and moving the cable to the open port that was printing I was able to get the jobs printed.
Again thanks for the help