Resetting XBEE with self building Interface


I put on my XBEE an to old Firmware, and I can’t update it anymore. I contacted the Digi Support an they sad that I have to reset the modul with an Interface Board and with this tutorial:
But I don’t have the Interfave board. I only have the XBEE USB Explorer Board and the Funnel IO. So the support told me that I have to onnect the pins VCC, GND, DI, DO, DTR, RTS and Reset.
But I don’t know how to do it. Can anybody help me please?

Greetings Philipp

This link has the schematic for our XBIB-R-DEV interface board:

From the schematic, I find the signals on the following pins:

VCC = XBee pin 1
GND = XBee pin 10
DI = XBee pin 3
DO = XBee pin 2
DTR = XBee pin 9
RTS = XBee pin 16
Reset = XBee pin 5