Response to small amounts of data are being broken up into multiple frames

Recently we have begun switching a device over to use the digi Connect ME

One difference which was quickly noticed was that the responses were comming back in multiple pieces

Rather than perform a rewrite of an installed base of various software applications we would like a means of forcing the Connect ME to send out the response in a single frame rather than breaking it up somewhere in the middle.

I was suggested that using an alternate firmware would assist in resolving this issue

POST Version

Firmware Version

We updated the firmware an ran a quick test and it appears to exibit the same problem.

Basically the problem is visible when I send a command to our device and expect a response of 252 bytes. It breaks up this data consistantly 50% of the time. Every Other time I send the command it splits up the response. Sometimes thier are 4 frames in the sequence sometimes thier are 6 frames in the sequence.

In the cases where it works 2 frames represent the data going to our device and 2 frames the data comming back

In the case where the device is failing 2 frames represent the command going to the device and thier are 2 reponses each representing a portion of the response.

I also sometimes appear to revcieve data from the digi connect ME where thier is no payload an empty frame.

Can anyone speak to the firmware versions and what if any adjustments can be made to the digi connect me to prevent it from breaking up these small responses in an unpredicable fashion