RSSI off in API mode

Hi, I have two Xbee S2C with ZigBee Firmware, one as Coordinator, one as End Device (router).
Now, If I send a Remote AT Command From Coordinator to Router, The RSSI led switch on on both Xbee, the message is received and the Xbee pin setted rightly (in my configuration, the led attached to D4 switch On or Off).
If i send another type of package (Receive Packet, IO Data Sample RX indicator, …), the message is sent but not received from Router Xbee, anche RSSI led doesn’t switch on. Why? Can you help me?
Both Xbee are in AT=2 mode.


Are you trying to send a Receive packet from the Coordinator to a router? That is are you sending a type 90 packet to the UART of the Coordinator and expecting it to show up on the UART of the router?

Exactly, from the Coordinator to the Router. The RSSI led on the router doesn’t switch on and I can’t read the packet through the Router’s serial.


That packet is not something that the radio is going to send over its RF port if it is received on its Data In line.

A receive packet is just that. The module in question is RECEIVING this packet from the RF port and sending it out its Data Out port.

Mmmm… But If I send a packet (type 90) from the Router to the Coordinator, the RSSI led on Xbee USB explorer (attached to pc) switch on when the packet is received, and I can read that in XCTU.
From the Coordinator to the Router something goes wrong… If I attach an Arduino to the Xbee serial port (DOUT and DIN) I can’t read anything.
But, with the Arduino, I can send serial packet from the Router to the Coordinator, and I can receive that…

That’s because your router is in transparent mode and not API mode.

Simply put, Transmit Request, Local AT command requests and Remote AT commands are items that are provided on the radios Data In port. Receive packets, AT command response packets, Remote AT command responses Etc are ALL items that are sent OUT of the radios UART or Data Out pin from a radio that is IN API mode.

That is correct. That’s because the Arduinos Library understands this concept and know what packets are going to be going in on the radios Data In port and what is expected to come out of the Data Out port.