Security scans cause AnywhereUSB/2 devices to go offline

We have several AnywhereUSB/2 devices that stop responding (cannot ping) on the network after our Security departments weekly vulnerability scans hit the subnet where the devices are located. The issue is resolved by power cycling the device.

All of the Digi’s are at the latest firmware…so not really sure what I can check/modify to resolve the issue. Has anyone experienced this or have any advice to offer?

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Also Experiencing similar issues with vulnerability scan’s. AnywhereUSB. pulling the power is they only way to reset it, tried the reset button it doesn’t do any good.

What type of security scans are run in your environments?

We are experiencing similar issues. I’m curious what type of security scams are run?

cwerfel. We have been experiencing this for a while now. Could you share the vulnerability scan tools used in your environment?

I opened a ticket with Digi and this was the response:

Since you’re already on the latest firmware we also suggest you disable all network services that you don’t use. In the web UI for the hub under: Config – Network – Network Services…

It also may benefit by assigning a password for “root” if you already haven’t done so. That too can be set within the web UI.

We already change the default root passwords so I proceeded to disable what I think are unnecessary “Network Services Settings”…basically only selected the Web Server and the AnywhereUSB options. I left encrypted AnywhereUSB enabled…but really not sure if needed or used. I cannot find much documentation on the settings.

I have not been able to determine if this makes a difference yet…but thought I would share.