Seeking Advise for Mesh Networking

I have some query about the XBee and Arduino because I am planning to make a machine monitoring system for the company that I have my internship right now. I have a basic learning in Arduino but not that much. So my plan is;

  1. Using Arduino Uno/Nano to get the signal from a push button (8 push buttons to be exact) and send it to XBee, where the XBee as the End Device.
  2. From XBee ED it will send to the Router to Coordinator.
  3. To get the uptime, downtime, machine cycle of the machine.
  4. Plan to use 50+ or up XBee.
  5. To have dashboard to monitor every machine.

Hope you can guide me. Thank you.

You provided the plan but you forgot to mention what your questions are.

Oh I forgot my question.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. Can you guide me on how to start?

Thank you for your response.