Send and receive failed

I have a XTP9B-DPS-001 board, and although it is properly connected to XCTU software, its transmitter is damaged. I replaced the ADF 7023 transceiver, but it still doesn’t send or receive data. Is this transceiver model modified for the module or is it something else?

If your module is no longer functioning, you will need to replace it. Simply switching out components is not advisable as this can cause other damaged to the module or cause the module to be out of specifications.

in fact, We are a team in i research laboratory .
we are analyzing the spectra of XBEE modules, we noticed an unusual thing is happening. According to the ADF7023 PACKET MODE , the received signal does not match the transceiver . initially conceived possible damage and tried to replace the ADF7023 , but the problem did not go away.Is the format and packets provided by the module datasheet different from the ADF7023 structure?