Send data to an xbee on mesh firmware 8075 and one on point to point 1075


Is it possible to send data to xbee pros 900hp on different firmware’s?

They are on the same network ids but I can’t get any communication.
I’ve tried using broadcast messages and setting the transmitter options to [0x40] or [0xC0] but no luck.

We want to move all our new devices to the mesh firmware but I would like to have some backwards compatibility for old devices already in the field. Just need the old point to multipoint devices to be able to receive simple data ex [0xFF].

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

No, you can not send data from a module using the Mesh code to one that is using the Point to point code.

And not the other way around either? I just want to be able to send one command that triggers both firmware. If it’s not possible so be it.

That is correct. Not the other way either. They are simply different protocols running at different data rates.

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